Jeneta Idrizi

Talent Acquisition Lead | Thomson Reuters

Jeneta Idrizi
My story

Detroit Native and co-located at Ann Arbor and Dallas offices of Thomson Reuters, I am the face of Thomson Reuters and help develop our brand awareness to attract top talent in both regions. I also lead our diversity and inclusion employee networks.

how I got started

I started my career in Sales and then after the financial crisis of 2007, I found myself jobless. This was scary and also an exciting opportunity at the time as I was living in San Francisco where several industry opportunities were at my finger tips. If it weren’t for the other thriving markets in the Bay area, I would not have been able to find my groove quickly into the staffing and recruiting industry! I often reflect in how grateful I am that I found myself unemployed ten years ago, or I may never made the switch from Sales into HR and helping others find their dream job!

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love the thriving hope to re-surge the economy in areas where much progress still needs to be done. So many employers and municipalities have come together to help fund education, grass roots efforts through community organizations and employer funded resources. It is amazing to see the tenacity of the Detroit regional workforce and residents to create change. Our venues are renewed and offer a nigh-life and culture like never before!

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