Gopal Kamat

Senior IT Portfolio Manager | General Electric

My story

I am an accomplished and strategic leader with proven experience in the design, implementation and execution of complex IT organizational transformation strategies that have contributed directly to the bottom-line through improved business performance and operational efficiencies. I provide a mix of technical and managerial skills that can parse critical needs from ambiguity, connect these with innovative technology solutions and liaise across multiple organizations.

how I got started

I’d like to think that I started out with a career in technology the day I decided (at the very last minute) to change the words “Electrical Engineering” to “Computer Science” on my college application. That was the first year that the college admissions process had been computerized and I was in awe of all those people sitting in front of those screens processing our applications. The rest, as they say, is history!

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

Southeast Michigan and especially, the Metro Detroit area, has everything for everyone! The community is full of friendly professionals working in varied fields from technology to business catering to people from all backgrounds and cultures. I love coming to work knowing that the people I sit with on a daily basis make it a fun place for me to be in!

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