Emily Fatohi

Director of National Workforce Solutions | Kelly

Emily Fatohi
My story

Born and raised in Metro-Detroit, I have a passion for helping other young professionals achieve their goals. I have a bachelor’s degree in History from U of M and a MBA from Walsh College. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and working out, and occasionally diving into complex DIY home improvement projects with my husband.

how I got started

Right after college, I joined City Year, serving in Detroit Public Schools for a year. After my year of service, I joined Kelly Services’ corporate headquarters as a temporary employee. My assignment was only supposed to last three months, covering for another employees’ maternity leave. I ended up becoming a permanent full time employee after 9 months and now, 9 years later, I’m still with Kelly!

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

Southeast Michigan is the place to be. There is so much opportunity in this area and diverse people and organizations to connect with. No matter where you work in metro Detroit, you have a chance to enrich the lives of those around you in the place it matters most: home.


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