Denzel Palm

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Denzel Palm
My story

I am Denzel Palm, a Metro-Detroit native, that graduated from Western Michigan University with my Bachelors in Communication Marketing. Born into a family that was raised in Detroit, I grew up with hustle hard mentally that allowed me to be success in a number of areas and interest. My hard work allowed me to have the opportunity to play both high school and college basketball. My sports career ended after my Junior year, due to injury and I began to focus more on the development of myself. Through focusing on myself, I was able to re-discover myself and emerge as an artist. Over the past year I have been able to develop a few found passion and love for the arts. I have found a new way to express myself and share more of myself with not only friends and family but the Detroit Community. I’m also involved with MECCA. 

how I got started

I started my career at the Family of Companies in 2016 as a Recruiting Coordinator Intern. I spent my time ensuring that we were bringing in candidates, that were, who they said they were. Performing background checks, credit checks, social media checks, etc. This was my first “job” coming out out college and I entered a whole new atmosphere.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love Southeast Michigan as a whole. I love the energy, the creative nature, the people, the mindset and the grind that lingers in the atmosphere. From my experience Detroit is a city that is all about picking up one another. People picking up people to ensure their own greatest potential.

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