Christina Cleveland

Recruiting Brand Outreach Specialist | Ford Motor Company

Christina Cleveland
My story

Hi! My name is Christina, and I work at Ford Motor Company as a recruiting brand outreach specialist. I have a degree in marketing and love how exciting the automotive industry is, shifting with new technology and the ever-changing customer. In my free time, I take advantage of Michigan’s outdoor activities and enjoy sailing and hiking.

how I got started

After graduating from Grand Valley State University, I began my career in Southeastern Michigan at a defense company. I worked in both business development and engineering, and then followed my passion for the automotive industry at Ford. My current role has given me the opportunity to combine my love of marketing with a connection to the Detroit community.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love how many opportunities there are to get out and enjoy Southeastern Michigan no matter how you like to spend your time. The area has so many great restaurants where you can meet with friends or coworkers. If you enjoy art and music, there are several festivals held each year around the city. Or, if getting away from the hustle and bustle is your thing, Southeastern Michigan has some great hiking trails.

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