Ashok Sivanand


Ashok Sivanand
My story

I moved to Detroit in 2016 on a 6-month project with Pivotal Labs and quickly got captivated by the city; the beautiful architecture, the strong sense of community amongst its citizens, and the opportunity for me to help the automakers to change the way we move.

how I got started

I graduated in Engineering and found the problem-solving to be exciting, but wanted to be closer to the people that we were helping. I worked in roles in pre-sales, sales, and business development before finding my calling in product management. It helped me combine my passions for technology, the customer, and systems thinking to solve problems by building valuable products. Learn more about my company at 

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

The renaissance that is happening here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience and be part of. It’s still the early waves of folks who have moved here and everyone is extremely excited, optimistic, and committed to a cause larger than themselves. The sense of community that this lends to is extremely powerful and inspiring.

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