Amanda Bastien

Public Relations/Business Major & Let's Detroit Campus Ambassador | Wayne State University

Amanda Bastien
My story

Before moving to Detroit, I grew up in a small farm town known as Armada. Armada is a very traditional small town, where everybody knows everybody and we all treat each other like family. Therefore, community has always been very important to me. I was very pleased to find that even in such a large city, Detroit has an incredible community.

how I got started

I moved to Detroit in 2018 to attend Wayne State University. I am studying Public Relations with a minor in Business. When I first moved here, I was studying pre-med, but I quickly fell in love with this city and found my true calling: public relations and business. I love the community here and am very passionate about bringing people together especially in the service of others. I started working at Broder and Sachse Real Estate in April of 2019. With this company, I have been able to grow professionally while also learning so much about the city of Detroit and what role I can play in helping the city continue to develop.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love working in this area because the network is remarkably supported while also maintaining competitiveness. Everyone here shares an indescribable love for Detroit and collectively works to improve the area.

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