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5 Things to Know about President Biden’s First Month in Office

It has been nearly a month since President Biden has taken office, which he has taken in stride. Not ceasing to take in the view, President Biden has stepped up to the challenges of the Oval Office and the pandemic at hand. Since the House and Senate have been engulfed in a second impeachment, President Biden has taken to executive orders to accomplish his goals. President Biden, to date, has issued 38 orders, far higher than any other president in the same time frame. Here are five issues that have highlighted this first month in office for 46.

  1. Rolling back Trump policies –Of those orders, 19 were direct reversals of President Trump’s orders, such as lifting the ban on transgender service members, halting the construction of the Mexico border wall, and rejoining the Paris climate accord.
  2. Affordable Care Act open enrollment – Via an EO, President Biden has directed the reopening of enrollment into the Affordable Care Act, the government-ran health insurance marketplace. With this reopening, those who have lost health insurance coverage due to any of the possible reasons can enroll in affordable health care options.
  3. COVID-19 vaccine purchases – Under Biden’s directive, the US Department of Health and Human Services have purchased an additional 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer, bringing the total doses of these two vaccines to 600 million. This will get the US close to a potential 300 million people vaccinated through July.
  4. Policy goals – These executive orders that President Biden enacted were direct policy goals of his, which either usurp the role of the bicameral legislature or are laying the groundwork for policy negotiations in the future. Notable changes include a national mask mandate for travel on public transit, acceleration of PPE and other COVID-related items, and directing the end of private prison contracts used by the Department of Justice.
  5. Future stimulus? – While not something that has happened yet, President Biden and his office have been active in drafting their requirements for a new stimulus. This will be the third stimulus to be discussed since March of 2020 and the first one while Democrats hold the House, Senate, and White House. Topics of consideration for future stimulus are federal student loan forgiveness, more direct payments, increased weekly unemployment supplements, and a $15 federal minimum wage.

With the impeachment trial all wrapped up, we can only hope that DC starts working again to address the issues of our nation. I look forward to the coming months with optimism that this pandemic and economic disaster will soon be over.

Written by Adam Majestic 

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